Desert Life

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Near Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico


Grand Canyon, Arizona


Strait of Hormuz, Oman


Mariachi/ Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico


Sonoran Desert/ Arizona


Dune riding/ Arabian Desert, United Arab Emirates 


A light snow on the high desert/ Sandia Reservation, New Mexico


Sunset/ near Tecolote, New Mexico


University Campus/ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sandia Mountains/ New Mexico 


Dia de Los Muertos/ Albuquerque, New Mexico

IMG_0794 2

Burj Khalifa/ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Garage mural/ Albuquerque, New Mexico


View of Dubai, enshrouded in humidity, from Palm Island/ United Arab Emirates


Grand Canyon, Arizona


Piña Blanca, New Mexico


Hospitality/ Casa Blanca, Morocco 


Waterfall, Dubai Mall/ United Arab Emirates



Buffalo, Sandia Pueblo,  New Mexico

Sony A-65 camera


International Day/ Dubai Knowledge Village, UAE

Encountering an unexpected global dance party



Today I was on a video shoot at the Dubai Knowledge Village campus. When I went to lunch, I walked into an international day celebration that one of the universities there was staging. There was food, traditional dress and, best of all, music from all over the region: Africa, Middle East, India, and Pakistan.

It occurred to me how unintimidating an iPhone camera is. If I had tried to use my pro video gear, I don’t think people would have played to the camera like some of them do in this video.

GoPro photo/ Palm Island, United Arab Emirates


Photo taken from the outer ring of the palm, looking toward downtown Dubai. The haze is from the humidity in the air, which was nearly 80%.

Shot on GoPro Hero 3 camera/ edited in iPhoto

Arabesq: world’s most interesting coffee store/ Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

IMG_0918IMG_0919Technically more of a sweets shop than a coffee store, it nonetheless is kind of a fantasy place for coffee affectionados. They hand-infuse pistachios into their ice cream, sell sweets from all over the Arab region, and make coffee in the Arabic-style…similar to the Turkish brewing method. I bought some Syrian baklava and Moroccan cookies. Pretty much the entire first floor of this mall, which has access to the Burj Khalifa, is a series of gourmet shops.

Shot on iPhone 4S


The Girl with the Rose Tattoo/ Al Mamzar Beach, United Arab Emirates


This lady from Berlin graciously allowed me to photograph her ornate tattoo. She didn’t speak any English…und mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut…but her friends did. After they explained to her that I wanted to photograph her tattoo, she was very enthusiastic about posing for this picture. Afterwards, we all had a lengthy discussion about German food.

Shot on iPhone 4S. Edited in Photoshop CS6 and Magic Bullet Looks.

Dune riding/ Dubai, UAE

An Oasis of Blended Learning in Dubai

EdTech Digest

GUEST COLUMN | by Richard Lakin

Recently, I visited the Dubai Women’s College High School (DWCHS), in the United Arab Emirates, to produce a content management system that will become an “eYearbook” for the students. The high school is on the grounds of the Dubai Women’s College/Higher Colleges of Technology; a strikingly-designed modern learning institution with a campus that is spread throughout lush groves of fig and palm trees in the hot and humid Arabian Gulf climate. The women college students, all wearing black abayas, sit in the shaded alcoves and tap on their iPads and MacBook Pros. It is an idyllic learning environment; a robust education technology infrastructure set in a quiet and shaded garden, surrounded by stylish, minimalist architecture.

It is an idyllic learning environment; a robust education technology infrastructure set in a quiet and shaded garden, surrounded by stylish, minimalist architecture.

I was visiting the on-campus high…

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self-portrait with falcon/desert outside of Dubai, UAE

T.E. Lawrence said that he liked the desert “because it’s clean.”