Apple strudel at 10,132 ft (3,089 M) Gornergrat, Switzerland


Last Saturday morning, I took a walk in the mountains…


Gornergrat is on the ridge of the Pennine Alps above the town of Zermatt. The Matterhorn (far right in the panorama photo below) attracts climbers from all over the world. Over 500 climbers have perished while attempting to climb it.IMG_1448

cappuccino/ Bern Hauptbahnhof, Switzerland

Café merveilleux/ Chicco D’oro, Montreux, Suisse

Ils ont également des crêpes merveilleuses. Photo sur l’iPhone.

Cappuccino und Apfelstrudel/ Bern, die Schweiz

Ängelibeck bakery in Bern, Switzerland. Shot on iPhone.

chicken in mole sauce/ Mexico City

Geez, was this good mole sauce! Paseo de la Reforma. Shot on iPhone.

cheese/ Volendam, The Netherlands

In het vroege deel van de 20ste eeuw, werd Volendam daar iets van een terugtocht van kunstenaars met zowel het besteden Picasso als Renoir tijd. 

In the early part of the 20th century, Volendam became something of an artists’ retreat with both Picasso and Renoir spending time there.

Turkish çay/ Istanbul

Why does tea taste better in a glass?

Cappuccino/ flight from Washington, D.C. to San Salvador

TACA airlines actually has cappuccino on their international flights…not “cappuccino” like you get in gas stations, but the real thing. Also, they upgraded me to first class just because I was doing NGO work. Shot on iPhone.

Fried fish/ Sinanché, Mexico

It might not look tasty, but it is.

Tixkokob, Mexico

Tixkokob is in the state of Yucatán, and is known for it’s hammock weaving. An incredibly lovely place, but probably not a good vacation spot if you suffer from arachnophobia.

wine & olives-Barrio de Huertas, Madrid

Viña Esmeralda is my favorite Spanish wine. It is the perfect Catalan wine for seafood and hot weather. Shot on iPhone.

Viña Esmeralda es mi vino español preferido. Es el vino catalán perfecto para los mariscos y el tiempo caliente. Foto de iPhone.

ausgezeichnet apfelstrudel und cappuccino-Wien, Österreich

strudel and cappuccino-Vienna, Austria

Ausgezeichneter Apfelstrudel und Cappuccino in Gerstner Café, Wien, Österreich. Gewusst für sein Gebäck seit dem mid-1800s, ist Gerstner ein ikonenhaftes Café, welches die Wiener Gemeinschaft der klassischen Musik anspricht. iPhone Foto.

Excellent apple strudel and cappuccino in Gerstner Cafe, Vienna, Austria. Known for its pastry since the mid-1800s, Gerstner is an iconic cafe catering to the Viennese classical music community. iPhone photo.

Ein berühmtes Café in Wien, Österreich:

best cup of coffee ever-Suplicy Cafe/São Paulo, Brazil

best cup of coffee ever-Suplicy Cafe/São Paulo, Brazil

A melhor chávena de café nunca.


hospitality-Casablanca, Morocco

Snacks-Casablanca, Morocco

We were videotaping interviews in people’s houses in Casablanca, and they all had this kind of spread laid out when we arrived. The tea had wormwood in it (an ingredient of absinthe), and was mildly euphoric.