“Getting to Know Karen”

Episode One, Real Expats of the Yucatán


New Infotainment series about the life and adventures of American and Canadian expat women and their friends who have retired in the Yucatan, Mexico. They hilariously navigate their new life in the small fishing villages of Chelem and Chuburna on the Gulf Coast of the Yucatan peninsula. From immigration to internet, water and electricity (or lack thereof), spiders, snakes and scorpions, construction and housing, ocean and beach, a food, drink, entertainment and music recommendations, Mexican holidays and fiestas, real cost of living and aging parents and millennial children, new grandchildren, the Expats cover the real truth what daily life is in the Yucatan.

The premiere Episode of The Real Expats of the Yucatan! Learning all about Karen…..Our hippie chill Earth Mother with an EDGE.

The ISBerne Art Program

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The ISBerne blog


Swiss artist, Paul Klee, was quoted as saying, “”Kunst gibt nicht das Sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar” or in English, “Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.” 

In this post, we interview ISBerne Secondary School Art Teacher, Mr Tom Sunthornwat, and watch his students work in the newly outfitted Art studio.  11th and 12th Grade students at ISBerne have the opportunity to choose IB Art, requiring them to spend 2 years preparing for a solo art show for the examination.


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Today there was music

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The ISBerne blog

Mr David Ritsema comments on the passion, commitment, and goals behind teaching and making music at ISBerne.  Talented students are supported by Mr Ritsema, Mr Christian Stübi and Ms I-Mei Lu.  In today’s post, the music speaks for itself.

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the OYE documentary

the OYE social media project

This is the story of four extraordinary young women. It’s easy to slip into hyperbole when writing an editorial like this, but “extraordinary” is the appropriate description. Occasionally you come across people who make a lasting impression on you, and that was the case with OYE scholars Neris, Rosa, Sandra, and Oriel during my three-week visit to the Organization for Youth Empowerment in El Progreso, Honduras.

Neris’ diminutive physical size (well under 5′) and infectious laugh belie her personal intensity and her desire to complete her education. Often in my travels, I see some pretty tragic circumstances. Neris, however, has a positive family environment and lives in one of the most beautiful areas that I’ve ever seen. Campo Monterrey is deep in the plantation region of Honduras. We drove an hour and a half through miles of banana, sugarcane, and palms (used to make palm oil) to her family’s modest home…

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The $1,000 NGO social media project

the OYE social media project

the epilogue of a shoestring-budget communications campaign 

This past February I started this WordPress blog for the Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras. The object of this campaign was two-fold: 1)  to advance the global visibility of this small, but committed NGO that provides mentoring and scholarships for at-risk youth in Northern Honduras, and 2) to create a kind of “open source” social media campaign for non-profits with a shoestring communications budget. This project, which lasted about 5 months, had a total cost of approximately $1,000 USD in travel expenses (plus, a $99 WordPress upgrade), but attained substantial international exposure. Much effort was put into determining which platforms were the most effective in generating site traffic, dialog, and shares.

I hope that your organization can benefit from our experimentation, research, and analysis. Although this project came to a close in August 2012, I am going to keep this site up…

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An Oasis of Blended Learning in Dubai

EdTech Digest

GUEST COLUMN | by Richard Lakin

Recently, I visited the Dubai Women’s College High School (DWCHS), in the United Arab Emirates, to produce a content management system that will become an “eYearbook” for the students. The high school is on the grounds of the Dubai Women’s College/Higher Colleges of Technology; a strikingly-designed modern learning institution with a campus that is spread throughout lush groves of fig and palm trees in the hot and humid Arabian Gulf climate. The women college students, all wearing black abayas, sit in the shaded alcoves and tap on their iPads and MacBook Pros. It is an idyllic learning environment; a robust education technology infrastructure set in a quiet and shaded garden, surrounded by stylish, minimalist architecture.

It is an idyllic learning environment; a robust education technology infrastructure set in a quiet and shaded garden, surrounded by stylish, minimalist architecture.

I was visiting the on-campus high…

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Emmanuel Boyz Center-Nairobi, Kenya

staff/Emmanuel Boyz Center-Nairobi, Kenya

The Emmanuel Boyz Center helps street children in Nairobi, Kenya.

Daniel Nduati (center) and staff with street boys in the Dogheretti area of Nairobi. Several of the boys are sniffing glue in the photo. Most of the area’s street boys are drug-addicted and HIV+.