The $1,000 NGO social media project

the OYE social media project

the epilogue of a shoestring-budget communications campaign 

This past February I started this WordPress blog for the Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras. The object of this campaign was two-fold: 1)  to advance the global visibility of this small, but committed NGO that provides mentoring and scholarships for at-risk youth in Northern Honduras, and 2) to create a kind of “open source” social media campaign for non-profits with a shoestring communications budget. This project, which lasted about 5 months, had a total cost of approximately $1,000 USD in travel expenses (plus, a $99 WordPress upgrade), but attained substantial international exposure. Much effort was put into determining which platforms were the most effective in generating site traffic, dialog, and shares.

I hope that your organization can benefit from our experimentation, research, and analysis. Although this project came to a close in August 2012, I am going to keep this site up…

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My dog pal in Honduras

While working on our social media project in Honduras, I was befriended by this little pug dog. I would occasionally do some of my video editing and social  media work from the pool area, where this dog (that belongs to the hotel owners) spent its day. One day, it got so excited that it wrapped its chain around my legs (see video).

Hope you will follow the progress of this social media project:

let sleeping dogs lie-El Progreso, Honduras