Mittenwald, Germany: coffee with a view

IMG_1197This past Friday, I had a video shoot in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. I was traveling by train from Bern, Switzerland, but an unseasonably early snow storm brought down trees all along the tracks in the Austrian and German Alps, so from Innsbruck on there were only buses, and many delays. In the end, this was a fortuitious development because I was able to spend some time in Mittenwald, Germany, both on the way to Garmisch and back. Mittenwald is known for it’s violin-makers, and is an incredibly beautiful Alpine town. The little cafe at the train station was a special treat, with friendly service, great food, and a variety of local beers. Put this little town on your “bucket list.”

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ausgezeichnet apfelstrudel und cappuccino-Wien, Österreich

strudel and cappuccino-Vienna, Austria

Ausgezeichneter Apfelstrudel und Cappuccino in Gerstner Café, Wien, Österreich. Gewusst für sein Gebäck seit dem mid-1800s, ist Gerstner ein ikonenhaftes Café, welches die Wiener Gemeinschaft der klassischen Musik anspricht. iPhone Foto.

Excellent apple strudel and cappuccino in Gerstner Cafe, Vienna, Austria. Known for its pastry since the mid-1800s, Gerstner is an iconic cafe catering to the Viennese classical music community. iPhone photo.

Ein berühmtes Café in Wien, Österreich: