The Turquoise Trail/ Madrid, New Mexico

This is a photo series of the deserts of the American southwest. Subscribe to the blog for updates.


Cattle crossing sign on The Turquoise Trail


The Turquoise Trail (named for its rich deposits of turquoise) connects Albuquerque to Santa Fe. There are several small towns along the route, including Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid…NOT like the Spanish city), which was a coal mining town, supplying coal to the railroads. When the mine closed in the 1950’s, it became a derelict ghost town…until the 60’s when hippies, artists, and free-thinkers moved into the small wood frame houses and created an eclectic community. Today, it is known for its colorful shops in the old mining buildings.





The Mine Shaft Tavern was built in 1947 and attracts a diverse crowd …artists, tourists, and bikers. It has a reputation for hauntings.



Here’s a segment on Madrid’s Christmas parade from CBS Sunday Morning…worth watching: 

Click photos to enlarge







DSC01231 2





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