Episode 4/ Real Expats of the Yucatán

Meet Gloria, our expat who returned to her Mexican roots to discover the joys of her parent’s culture. Now she does everything she can to give back to her community in Yucatán, Mexico.


Music at the beach/ Yucatán, MX

Episode 3-Real Expats of the Yucatán


Real women, real relationships in Mexico

Episode 2: Linda

Meet our Linda! Tough from her career as a corrections officer, but tender when it comes to her amigas in Mexico. Moving to foreign country in retirement is easier with a little help from your friends!

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“Getting to Know Karen”

Episode One, Real Expats of the Yucatán


New Infotainment series about the life and adventures of American and Canadian expat women and their friends who have retired in the Yucatan, Mexico. They hilariously navigate their new life in the small fishing villages of Chelem and Chuburna on the Gulf Coast of the Yucatan peninsula. From immigration to internet, water and electricity (or lack thereof), spiders, snakes and scorpions, construction and housing, ocean and beach, a food, drink, entertainment and music recommendations, Mexican holidays and fiestas, real cost of living and aging parents and millennial children, new grandchildren, the Expats cover the real truth what daily life is in the Yucatan.

The premiere Episode of The Real Expats of the Yucatan! Learning all about Karen…..Our hippie chill Earth Mother with an EDGE.