Telling the World About Tihosuco

A cultural preservation and community development project in Quintana Roo, Mexico


Leaders of the Caste War rebellion

This week I met with leaders of the town of Tihosuco, located in Quintana Roo, Mexico to begin work on a media campaign associated with the Tihosuco Heritage Preservation and Community Development Project, organized in association with the University of Pennsylvania Museum. In the 19th century, Tihosuco was the starting point for the Caste War of the Yucatan, one of the most successful indigenous rebellions in the Americas. This heritage and community project is focused on the preservation of heritage and sites from this rebellion and the future growth and development of the Tihosuco community.

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(L-R) Alvaro Pech Tuz, First Assistant Mayor, Tihosuco | The Author | Rosy Carolina Pat Puc, Secretary, Tihosuco | Carlos Chan Espinosa, Director, Caste War Museum, Tihosuco | Elias Chi Poot, Treasurer, Tihosuco Ejido | Richard M. Leventhal, Executive Director, Penn Cultural Heritage Center; Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania | Clemente Puc Tun, Executive Committee, Tihosuco Ejido

Our social media campaign will feature the heritage, culture, history, artisans, festivals, archeology, Maya language preservation, and day-in-the-life scenarios of Tihosuco, Mexico. We will be promoting tourism in an area that has considerable significance in Mexican history in hopes of bringing more economic opportunity to the community. About an hour south of Valladolid, Tihosuco offers tourists insight into a little-known chapter of Mexican indigenous rebellion. We hope that you will follow this blog to receive updates on the project, and we encourage your comments and shares.


-Richard Lakin

One Comment on “Telling the World About Tihosuco”

  1. Empowering communities on the field. A greater supporter of this kind of projects.
    Buena Suerte!

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