¡Soy HUNAB!/ Environmental education in Mérida, Mexico

HUNAB is training the next generation of environmentalists.

I’ve been working with HUNAB in Mérida, Mexico since 2006. It’s an organization that trains young peer educators, who in turn teach sustainable environmental practices to other children in their communities. Hope you will find the time to watch this video that I shot just a few weeks ago. In Spanish with English sub-titles.

Read my CSRwire editorial about HUNAB:  http://www.csrwire.com/blog/posts/1617-grassroots-sustainability-education-for-children-in-mexico

Shot on Sony A65 and GoPro cameras

One Comment on “¡Soy HUNAB!/ Environmental education in Mérida, Mexico”

  1. Richard, Great work, excellent video! I am heartened to learn about HUNAB. Thank you!

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