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A seasoned traveler gears up for education marketing with lessons to share.

GUEST COLUMN | by Richard Lakin

CREDIT Richard Lakin 18 rabbitsIn my youth, as an avid backpacker, I was a devotee of Colin Fletcher, who had walked the length of the Grand Canyon and wrote The Complete Walker, a book that significantly contributed to the wilderness adventure boom of the 1970’s. One of the things that I learned from him was that you could allow yourself any luxury on the trail, as long as you’re willing carry it up a mountain on your back, so I became that kind of backpacker. Rather than “do without,” I would carry whatever would make my wilderness experience more enjoyable regardless of the added weight. I had many great morning espressos in the forest because I carried one of those Italian stovetop espresso pots and a small folding chair to sit in while I drank…

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Middle-school students at The International Academy Learning Center in Dubai Knowledge Village show us what’s important for learning.

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International Day/ Dubai Knowledge Village, UAE

Encountering an unexpected global dance party



Today I was on a video shoot at the Dubai Knowledge Village campus. When I went to lunch, I walked into an international day celebration that one of the universities there was staging. There was food, traditional dress and, best of all, music from all over the region: Africa, Middle East, India, and Pakistan.

It occurred to me how unintimidating an iPhone camera is. If I had tried to use my pro video gear, I don’t think people would have played to the camera like some of them do in this video.

Dubai/ DWC High School students paint a picture of empowerment & national pride

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Congratulations to Dubai for being picked as the host city for Expo 2020!

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CAFFÈ VERGNANO 1882/ Dubai Mall, UAE

I’ve never seen this before…and I’ve had coffee all over the world…the name of the place is spelled out in chocolate. IMG_1632I have to say, this is one of the best cappuccinos that I’ve ever had. The big Italian expresso maker is not just for decoration. They actually make your coffee with it. Coffe eccellente!


Apple strudel at 10,132 ft (3,089 M) Gornergrat, Switzerland


Last Saturday morning, I took a walk in the mountains…


Gornergrat is on the ridge of the Pennine Alps above the town of Zermatt. The Matterhorn (far right in the panorama photo below) attracts climbers from all over the world. Over 500 climbers have perished while attempting to climb it.IMG_1448

Einstein Kaffee/ Bern, Switzerland

This coffee shop is in the building where Herr Doktor Einstein lived in Bern. It’s a trendy place with exposed brick and a chi-chi crowd. The best part is it’s tagline: “relatively the best.”